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A bit more on my WIP. Suddenly I'm afraid that me talking about it continually will make people think that this is going to be some multipart masterpiece and that's just not true. Sorry. It's going to be fluffy and I hope amusing but nothing more. Lengthwise I'm aiming for about 10.000 words. A nice ficlet.

I'm just so happy with how this is working! I spend my time in the morning train to work writing little bits and type them up in the evening! Every day, this has never happened before. The story arc is there, on paper. I have the final scene in my head.

The obssession to production ratio is slightly off balance, maybe. Not for me, I've seldom written this much about one universe. I can't help but like what this is doing to my creativity.

(And I'm writing this shit instead of the fic because I'm working, damn work all day every day, taking such a big chunk out of my spare time. But they won't pay me unless I actually show up at the office, for some reason ;p)
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