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30 day photography challenge, day 24

Day 24: An animal:

Who else? Anyway, no photo series would be complete without a pic of Moya. She was rather randomly named after the space ship from Farscape, but it's a good name and it has grown on her.

She was born in the wilds of Noord Holland, and only caught by an animal rescue group to get spayed, and then released again. They clipped part of her ear so it would be clear she was already spayed, in case the group would run into her again. After the operation however she developed a kidney infection, and it took a long time for her to heal. So long that the shelter though she might take to being adopted.

I took her home. She is super sweet, and she is still getting mellower. It took a little time to get used to a cat who does not think your are her mom, but apparently a group mate. She always insists on washing me in return when I pet her. She will be 10 next year.
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