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30 day photography challenge, day 13

Day 13: Yourself with 13 things:

Instead of photographing myself with 13 things, I decided to photograph myself 13 times with 1 thing and overlay the images. This was fun and I like the result a lot. You can see much more detail in the hi-res version which can be found here.

The 13 things are:
01 Elie - bjd/dolls/never forgot how to play
02 Anna Sui mirror - stuffstuffstuff
03 Spike wristband - new wave teenage years
04 BTSSB brooch - Japanese pop culture
05 Books - foundation of life
06 Skeleton - memento mori
07 Toadstools - fairy tales/myths
08 Tiara - fantasy/fandom
09 Mom's ring - in memoriam
10 Flower wristband - my job <-> feminity (performance of)
11 Bowl and spoon - food
12 Headphones - music
13 hNaoto Hello Kitty phonestraps- Hello Kitty
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