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30 day photography challenge, day 10

Day 10: A childhood memory:

This box belonged to my mother's mother, who died when I was pretty young. Whenever I came across it I would want to look inside and ooh and ah at the contents.

It's mine now, and I added some things that mean a lot to me. The necklace on the left belonged to my maternal grandmother, it was always part of the content of the box. The pearls were my mother's, the carnelians my paternal grandmother's, she wanted me to have those because I used to suck on them as a baby. I do not remember this :) The coral beads used to be my mother's, she gave them to me when I was three years old. I would still wear them today if they weren't so fragile.

The label you can see in the back of the box is my hospital identification tag from when I was born.
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