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This image has nothing to do with the photo challenge. It illustrates a story of me being a giant doofus that I want to share with you.

You see, several years ago I discovered BJDs, and then I wanted one (this does tie in with today's photo challenge). When I had ordered Élie I also got him a wardrobe, these sneakers being one of those purchases. But alas, they were too small. I chalked this up to them being girl sneakers and put them away (I may have halfheartedly tried to sell them on at some point).

Fast forward to about a year ago when Ng ye came to this house. A girl! So she would probably fit these sneakers right? No, too small. But Ng ye has an extra pair of smaller feet that I will totally try out one day, so I put the shoes away again.

Until today when I was messing with another pair of sneakers. I bought them at some point but they were slightly smaller than the ones in the picture so I probably didn't even try them on Élie and just put them away. They did fit Ng ye. Wait a minute... I tried the high ones again, they were too small, but I forced them a bit and it sort of worked, and the effect is very nice so I really want this to work. It's a chore getting them on with those laces, omg. I tried the second shoe but it looked all weird. I felt inside the shoe. Turns out there is a wad of tissue paper stuffed up there! And once I removed that, the shoe fit perfectly. Took the other shoe off again, yes, paper there too. Doh!

I haven't had the courage yet to see if they fit Élie XD
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