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(With apologies to the doll phobics on my flist, I hope you can forgive this special occasion!)

My Volks F16, Luc, arrived today, and even though he was bought 2ndhand, I did an unpacking photo-shoot. By the time this was done, and he looked presentable, the light had vanished so I don't have any actual nice pix. Yet.

This was the best I could do, his hair is an absolute mess:

The box just arrived, with Élie sitting on top of it. Earlier a package of clothes had arrived and he is wearing some of them, that's why he's pantless. Really, honestly >.>

The opening of the outer box. I was shaking with excitement so this pic is all blurry.

Tahdaa! The silver Volks' box, all shiny

Inside the box is the usual paperwork, pillows, and a ninja outfit I bought from the same seller.

His toes! OMG!

And here he is, all covered in bubblewrap and foam sheet, with a bottle of hair product on his face <3

Out of the box and on my knee for a close inspection. You can see how the light affects the colour of the resin.

I am usually very neat, but now I absolutely needed all my doll stuff all over the floor.


Élie: LOL, you have no hair!
Luc: You are STILL not wearing any pants, dude.
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