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Dollie doll doll!

Yay! I have arranged to buy a new BJD, a 2nd hand Volks F16.

I decided this was a better choice right now than the FCS option. Current plan is to go on vacation to Japan next year and I want to use the money I'm saving now (which is not all that much, but still) to spend in the Volks stores we are going to visit! Luc should be here by the end of September, and I may send him out for a new face up but I haven't decided yet. Choices, choices.

So I'm spending more time on the BJD forum right now and thinking about BJD hence this post.

What happened while I was dealing with this was that coworkers (people who you spend an awful lot of time with) at first always assume Élie is a girl, because all dolls are girls. And he has shoulder length hair. Once we finally establish that he is a boy, complete with picture of his boy part, we get to the point where the next doll automatically is going to be a girl because I must want a girlfriend for him. Nooooo, the next one is going to be another boy. Okay, this is where the coworkers stop asking. I leave it at that because I don't care to talk about my gay dolls with my coworkers ;p The stereotypical assumptions are boring and disappointing but not surprising.

Some do come up with that my male doll must be MY boyfriend. Because I am single. Though they probably mean it as a joke. I hope. This freaks me out a little because I don't mind being eccentric, but I don't like to be thought of as certifiable. And relationship talk about me always flusters me because I don't want to talk with my coworkers about my sexuality (which is none).

My friends know me better and are my friends because they have slightly broader ideas about sexuality and gender. They assume that Luc is going to be Élie's boyfriend. Because there does HAVE to be a relationship. As a committedly single woman I resent that.

But the reason that the boys are not going to be in a sexual relationship is not one I'm going to explain to the real life people. You see, both my dolls are uke. I can't imagine a seme doll. And 2 ukes, that just does not make sense, there is no spark. I am a sad stereotypical BL fangirl *hangs head*
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