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Pretty peektures!

Last year I have bought an digital SLR. I was sick of the never quite good enough quality of the jpg photos I made on the various compacts so I wanted RAW! Of course I leafed through the booklet, chose a setting that let me make pixs without me having to omg fiddle too much and went on.

Yesterday I finally took a photography workshop. Not only that, it was in the Keukenhof, which is a yearly exhibition for spring flowers here. Usually by now the flowers are done blooming but because of the cold there was still quite a lot of amazing prettiness.

I can't help myself here, the colours and textures make me go giddy and omg omg so preeeeeeetttty!!11!eleventy
So while the no 1 rule of the photographer who taught the class was: "look, think, then shoot", I took nearly 200 pictures in about an hour and a half *sheepish* I did try to use the rules; the golden ratio, I played with shutter speed (not interesting when the subject is flowers) and aperture (very important!) but mostly it was just WHEEE PINK! I had a blast.

Now I want some lenses. A telephoto lens because those let you crop pixs a lot better, hot damn!

And the rest is here
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