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Woe is Bri

So, in December I got a bonus and decided to splurge on a new handheld. I'd wanted the Zelda Limited Edition Nintendo DS for years now and they are very hard to find. I found one on the amazon.co.uk marketplace, second hand and the condition was decribed as "used but good" with an asking price of what is is basically a new DS but since it's a LE I thought that was fine and a little used would be fine too, right?

HA! A week later I received this thing in the mail and it was a piece of thrash! OMG. I buy a lot of stuff online (don't get me started of the crap selection that is available in the stores here) and I have never come across something like this! I went to the site and messaged the seller that this is unacceptable and I want to return it and get my money back.

I got a reply the same evening: I had obviously misunderstood the condition and how dare I describe it as damaged. They had good feedback so it was a fair sale. Um no. I replied again that I was not satisfied and wanted to return it. No reply. So I mailed customer service and opened a claim.

On the day there was supposed to be a resolution for the claim I got another message from the seller with their address. And not a single word else. I deduced that I was to send back the POS, which I have done. But not before making some photos of the damage in all it's gory glory and I wanted to share this with the world.

I'm tracking the package and expect to have to talk to Amazon's customer service again in a little while. Because I do not believe the seller is of good faith at all. They're trying to rip me off and it's not happening. Grrr ;p
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