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WoW musings

This is a bit of introspection about my current state in the Wonderful World of Warcraft, where I've been residing, lo, way too much once again ;p

See, after Caketown (the guild ran by those people in Cryo's house) crashed and burned last March I was a bit lost. I'd joined another guild full of really, really nice and kind people but I'd lost my taste for raiding and progress for a while. I played a lot less and what I did was all solo grinding stuff. It's also a seasonal thing, in spring and summer it's much easier to let gaming for what it is and focus outward. Earlier, somewhere in January, Mikke and I had transferred our old Alliance characters (warrior and druid, respectively) to Bronzebeard, to join wow_dota.

Truth be told, I was also really frustrated by the Argent Tournament quests. I hated them and couldn't get them done for love or money. This was a roadblock for my soloing self, it felt as if a huge chunk of the game was cut off. Once this was FINALLY resolved, somewhere in October, things brightened up considerably. Since then I've scored seven out of the fourteen available mounts.

I do still like this game. Really. I made a hunter for the Shakesville guild and levelled her to 40 or something. I participated in the Proudmoore Pride. I finally levelled my druid to 80. And it got dark earlier and earlier and my interest perked up again. My druid is on a fun server with a very fun guild and so I transferred my shaman to the same server and joined wow_doth, the sister guild on the Horde side. The guilds are both rooted in Livejournal, and all women. With my job as it is I need to go the distance to meet a man on an average day ;p

The new guild is great! And the desire to progress has awoken with a vengeange. To my mortification I'm incredibly behind, both in gear and in play. I need to figure out the best rotation again and maybe my fun build needs an overhaul.

I hope not because I really like this way of playing: enhancement with a healthy dash of elemental for kicks (or rather, shocks XD). However, since I found out earlier this week that there was a spell in my spell book I had never even SEEN (Fire Nova, for those following at home); that I do have a reliable interrupt which is not Earth Shock (Wind Shear, OMG); and that people get pissy if I keep missing the call for Bloodlust (><;;) because I'm happily focused on my cooldowns, I'm open to *ahem* /constructive criticism/ ;p

In the three weeks since the transfer I've done more instances than in the past nine months, and a third of my gear has already been replaced (my wow heroes score went from 2029 to 2227). I've been doing a bit of raiding and it looks like I will go to Uludar for the first time this weekend. I also want to finish the hundred mount achievement and am actually willing to learn to pvp for that.

WoW is back to eat my life and right now I'm perfectly fine with that \o
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