Hello unknown guest (brinylon) wrote,
Hello unknown guest

Son of the bride of the move: 6 months later.

Yesterday I bought a lamp for in the hallway (which is a big word for such a tiny space) and put it up right away. Then I was able to put the stepladder in the attic, I had kept it downstairs as a reminder to get everything done. So now it's finished! Painting is done, curtain type things are done and lamps are done, and all that within 6 months. This is huge, in my last place I basically spent 10 years thinking: I should paint the ceiling, I totally will, any day now. It never happened.

All this brought a fresh wave of, omg, I am really living in a new place now, how do I feel about this?

Spacewise I'm content. I know this is a tiny apartment compared to how most people my age live but that is the price you pay for wanting to live in downtown Amsterdam. And really, for me it is plenty big. In all honesty, my old place was enough space for me, but there I was never able to reconcile the feeling of inadequacy I experienced about "ending up" in a place like that with any sensible considerations along the "how much space does a person really need" line.

There's an procedure to get the rent lowered going on now, that would be nice. It's still in an informal stage at the moment but it seems likely that things will become offcial as of next week. The housing coorperation that owns my building seems unwilling to do what is legal and will have to be forced. A shame but that is their choice.

I love, love, love the neigbourhood. I like to just go outside and wander around, looking at the buildings. It's such a nice looking part of town. I love the urban feel; the shops, the cafés, the restaurants, all within easy lurching distance.

The place is "home" now but there is still a certain feel of newness. I sit on the couch and can't imagine how I slept on that for years yet when I am in bed I boggle at the space and reminisce time and again that I have LIVED in places smaller than my bedroom. I like this sense of newness, and hope it will last for a while longer.
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