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Thoughts on moving house 4: endgame

Two more nights in my old house, three more evenings of packing and then it will be moving day! My impatience has reached amazing new heights. My tiny little house is filled with mountains of boxes, stacks reaching to the ceiling and Moya and me slinking around them. Well, Moya slinks and I stub my toes on everything.

Last weekend the Ikea packages have been assembled (oh, glorious bed, you are so soft yet so firm and oh so inviting. I love you.) and everything is ready. The lamp I bought for the kitchen turned out to be way too large and the shades way too small. I will think of alternatives after the move.

The new place is a lot more inviting than the current storage shed that is my old pace yet that is where the work is and I need to be. The worst of the packing has been done, the heavy books, also those from the attic. I have 36 boxes packed now, about 30 of those are books. Tonight I will clear out my workspace so I will be able to stack some more stuff in that space.

It looks likely that I will make everything in time but I'm out of patience! I want to be moved!
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