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Thoughts on moving house 3: dotting the i-s

There's still a boatload of things to do before I can finally move, the biggest job being the packing. Boxes for that will be delivered on Thursday. The biggest paintjobs are done, this evening I will do the last and start with the bits that need touching up. Tomorrow evening I will have to clean up as Thursday the vinyl flooring will be laid. So it feels like things are progressing well.

I'm getting more and more nervous which is probably mostly because I will actually have to leave my old, familiar, safe home behind. And I'm restless because I want to all to be over with and be in the new place, do all the new place things, get to know the neighbourhood and stuff. Because even though I've known the area for years (I've worked really close by for nearly a year) it wan't MY neighbourhood then!

The days at work are the worst. Same old, same old and I can't wait to go home and work on IMPORTANT things.
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