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Thoughts on moving house 2: time

As moving day comes closer time seems to do this strange thing where it both slows to a snaily crawl and also hurtles forward at breakneck speed. The days at the office, never very exciting, seem to last a million years each but meanwhile, as soon as I step outside the door, we are racing forward and once again the day ends without me being able to do a fraction of what needs doing.

At this point I can't wait to be in the new house. Yet things are not ready, I need all the time I still have badly to get things done! I really want to go out and buy flooring, a bed and some fun stuff (lamps)! But I should wait until the proper time, so it won't be delivered too soon and be in the way.

What I need to do is take a moment and a few deep breaths and relax. Come back into myself and start living in the moment again. Which is what I am going to do now, while I begin the afternoon of work. *sigh*
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