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Thoughts on moving house 1: motivation

As most of my flist knows by now, I finally found a new apartment and I'm moving in August, before my vacation. I've been on a waiting list for 10 years, of which I've actively looked for a place for 3, so I'm really happy to have finally found a place.

On the plus side: it's bigger than my current studio, it has a seperate kitchen and bedroom (with doors and everything!); it is in better condition with more amenities, the biggest being central heating; AND it is in a very nice part of town. Really close to all the fun places but still very peaceful and with very nice buildings. The con is the relatively high rent but I should be able to afford it, if I cull some of my random spending.

So now I'm preparing. There is painting to be done, cleaning, packing, some shopping (a bed!) and a couple of other odd jobs. I've hired movers so the actual transportation will be taken care of. Thing is, even though I'm enthousiastic about the move I'd much rather it was all done and I keep fantasising about all the things I'm going to do once the hard work is done. The hard work is being avoided like crazy, I'm inventing new levels of not doing things in a doing it kind of way (thank you, Red Dwarf for that sentence, it serves me well). I'm in bad shape, I'm having some issues with my back and I've been avoiding lifting stuff. I'm so used to coming home from work and crashing that I can't imagine keeping some energy in reserve and going to the new place in the evening to do stuff. Which means it will all have to be done in the weekends and on my day off. And there is still plenty of time but I need to get going!

I've made endless lists of things that need doing and when it needs to be done. I like being able to scratch things off and hopefully that will be an incentive. Maybe I'm just chafing a little. The long days at work with not enough to do make me restless (for some reason today I'm having 2 free lance assistants. I have barely enough work to keep myself occupied today).
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