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Some more WoW blather

I've started a Bloodelf Deathknight named Aarghyle. That was a joke. I just wanted to see what the DK starting area looked like but I am really into his backstory now and he is so pretty <3

Deathknights are former heroes, captured by the Lich king and forced to do his bidding. Aarghyle however, has never been a hero, he was a dealer in mana fragments and his own best customer. At first he mindlessly followed orders, unthinking and unfeeling but very soon he went into withdrawal (here are some technical issues I still need to resolve) and currently the pain and craving is disrupting his programming. I intend to play out the starter area and then he will probably be parked for a while.

A new food in WOTLK is Briny Hardcheese. This amuses me ;p

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