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This summer I started levelling my baby Troll because I was pretty much stuck on my Nelf druid and the Horde guild was coming to life and fun after being an pretty dead place for parking alts until then. There was a lot of frustration with raiding on my Nelf, mostly due to time issues but I had gotten the Champion of the Naaru title. The one thing I wanted for my shaman was the same title.

I had been procrastinating for a while but with the onset of the patch there was a bit of panic and scrabbling this week. There were four in our guild who wanted the title and we spend most of the week doing the heroics. Last night we had a Gruul/Mags run, all guild which was pretty awesome in it's own right <3 I got the T4 pants! Right afterward we did Heroic Slave Pens and YAY:

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