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Japan vacation report part 2: pictures!

Here's the second part on my Japan trip report. This is an impression in pictures, arranged by theme and sometimes accompanied by a little context ;p

Most of the tourist things and the travelling we did with our whole group of 9 people and the tourguide. Once we arrived at our destination we usually did the local stuff with just the 3 of us: me and my friends S. and M.

The cute:

1. Cute drink 2. Cute drink 3.Cute sign
4. Moomin drink 5. Messenger of the gods in Miyajima
6. Monkeys in Miyajima 7. Cute 8. Cute
9. Cute 10. Cute 11. Cute
12. Cute 13. Messenger of the gods in Nara 14. H.Naoto Hello Kitty
15. Cute 16. Cute

3. I loved this logo from a courier company. It was everywhere and perfectly conveyed the sense of moving stuff safely combined with awesome cuteness.
4. From the Moomin café!
5 & 13. Messengers of the gods, in Miyajima and Nara respectively.
6. The first time in my life I've seen wild monkeys! Well, living in the wild, they were very easy going.
11. That's my toe in the lower left corner :/
15. A sign for the zoo, so that one at least made some sense ;p


17. Blythevertising 18. Blythevertising
19. Blythevertising 20. Blythevertising

Real, serious advertising with Blythe as a model! I love it!


21. View from ryokan window 22. Sandankyo 23. Hiroshima
24. Kibiji 25. Kibiji 26. Kibiji
27. Okoyama 28. Okoyama 29. Laundrette in Kurashiki
30. View from hotelroom in Kurashiki 31. Mooi!
32. Himeji 33. Zen garden Ryoanji
34. Gods in Nara 35. Golden temple in Kyoto 36. View from Volk's Hell in Kyoto
37. Buddha in Nara 38. Temple in Nara 39. Gion, Kyoto
40. Eye of Shinjuku by Yoshiko Miyashita 41. Government building in Tokyo 42. View of Tokyo
43. Many people in Shibuya

21. The view from the window in the traditional ryokan where we spend a night. We slept on futons on the tatami floor but each room had airconditioning and television. I did not really mind this ;p
22. Sandankyo, beautiful area with two waterfalls, we swam in one and hiked.
The day before in Miyajima we had taken the cable car up the mountain and hiked down. I had taken a fall and twisted my ankle. Not too bad but in Sandankyo I twisted it again and that wasn't too great. I could still walk though, albeit with a little more effort.
23. Hiroshima.
24, 25, 26. We cycled through the Kibi plain where there is a route going through the rice fields from temple to temple. Rice fields smell heavenly.
27 & 28. The park in Okoyama didn't seem very interesting at first but when the sun went down the whole place lit up and people came in kimono and yukata!
We had a few beers (I had sake) and there were French fries! I ordered 8 portions, one for each of our group. This led to consternation from the guys selling the stuff. Our tourguide explained that usually Japanese people share a portion between 2 or 3 people.
When I told them, via the guide, this was a regular sized portion for 1 in the Netherlands they were much amused. I then asked for mayonnaise to go with it ;p That made their night, those wacky gajin!
29. We took a day off in Kurashiki and did what we always do on our days off: laundry.
30. The view from my hotel room in Kurashiki.
31. This was a lovely view that was declared mooi (=beautiful) by all of us. The mooi/moé thing happened. Our guide declared that she would never ever use the word since it was for otaku but of course we then used it for everything. We established that a close translation would probably be "phat".
32. Himeji: the Playstation edition.
33. the Zen garden at the Ryoanji temple in Kyoto.
34. Nearly all these kinds of statues we came across were dressed and had food offering with them.
35. The golden pavillion at the Rokuonji temple in Kyoto.
36. The view from the Tenshi no Sato (aka Volk's Hell) in Kyoto. You were not allowed to take photos inside but on the top floor, which was basically the play floor for you to play with your doll it was okay and the view was very nice. This was 6 floors of pastel colours, flowers and eerie music in the middle of a very lovely formal garden.
It was such a weird disconnect from all the gothic/punk/weird/alien bjds that I actually know. But they had an impressive amount of clothes/wigs/eyes and accessories. Élie has a whole new wardrobe and I can't really remember the last time I was this broke ;p
37 & 38. Nara.
39. Gion in Kyoto. We were at a weird time, the place was absolutely deserted.
40. Eye of Shinjuku by Yoshiko Miyashita in Shinjuku station in Tokyo.
41 & 42. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office where we went to the observatory at 1200 meter and enjoyed the view.
43. Shibuya: busiest crossing in the world! I didn't appreciate it much, possibly because I was somewhat cross that I had just been dragged through Harajuku where I had wanted to spend rather more time >(


44. Totoro 45. Totoro
46. Totoro 47. Totoro

Totoro came out whenever we were sitting down for a drink!

The random:

48. Suasage sushi 49. French fries 50. Matcha cream on french toast
51. Cat statue in Miyajima 52. FMA! 53. @ Starbucks in Shibuya 54. Apple store in Ginza

48 & 49. In Kurashiki we went to one of those converyor belt sushi places: sushi fastfood. I joked that all that was needed was french fries and lo: there they came by. They also had sausage sushi which was much lolled at.
50. In Kyoto I had this concoction of matcha cream with French toast in the Red Rubber Ball café. Tasty!
51. In Miyajima we found these statues. I liked them: spiky like actual cats.
52. The Animate in Ikebukuro actually had this giant FMA billboard above its entrance! The boxset dvds are coming soon.
53. My miff about Harajuku was gone when I had a Starbucks latte with a raspberry macaron in Shibuya.
54. The Apple store in Ginza <3


55. Minako 56. Stella 57. Waterfall in Sandankyo

55. Our tourguide, Minako did the peace sign for every photo. We copied that at once, of course. Sheep.
56. Me in front of the Volk's Hell in Kyoto.
57. S. at Sandankyo, where we swam.
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