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Japan vacation report part 1: phat lewtz

Hello flist, I have returned from my trip to Japan! Yay, that was one awesome experience. I want to make a few short reports, mostly as a memory aid for myself but I do hope that it's worth reading and possibly amusing.

As usual, I bought way too much stuff. There was so much coolness! We visited conbinis every day and I tried a lot of drinks, foodstuffs and what I hope were vitamin supplements.

1. A backpack. Bought on the very first day in Fukuoka. I had brought a regular shoulder bag but my back went completely insane and hurt like a bitch. I hoped to relieve it a little with the backpack and it turned out that that was exactly what was needed. Exit back ache. Hurrah.

2. A purple velvet bag with gold print. The print is actually an ad for a German fish restaurant. Those wacky Japanese! I got this from the Graniph store, which mostly sells very cool t-shirts.

3. The catalog for the Shojo Manga exhibition at the Kyoto Manga museum.

4. The Hello Kitty Pullip. I've been wanting that for a long time but had no intention to buy it in Japan, since it's readily available on Ebay. But this toy store in Hiroshima had it on sale! And it really was a great bargain. I wavered a bit since this was right in the beginning of the vacation but in the end greed won. Luckily we had a chartered bus for most of the time so dragging it around wasn't too bad.

5. Several items of clothes in Pullip size, which means Medicom Ed can wear them as well. I got a Band costume just for him. And briefs for Medicom Roy. Pictures of that later ;p Some of these come from re-ment boxes.

6. Royxed doujin, mostly from Ronno to Kalus, who seem to have the same thing for gloves I do (ooh, ar). Some of the Hermaphrodite series and Equestrian Games 2, which is excellent. We found the store when we came back from the Ikebukuro Volk's store and noticed a sign outside a building with a Harry/Ron picture on it. That could only mean one thing!

7. We had a couple of hours to burn on Narita on our day of arrival, before we flew on to Fukuoka. We went nuts in the small shopping area, it was all so cuuuuute. I got this Totoro doll and it was my buddy for the rest of the trip. On the way back we didn't even blink at the same stores, our expectations of cute had become much, much higher ;p

8. Hello Kitty phonestrap figurines from every tourist location we visited. This is the best thing ever! They are small and cute and a great memory!

In random order these are:
Deer Hello Kitty (messengers of the gods at Miyajima and Nara); Himeij Hello Kitty; Momotaro Hello Kitty (aka Peachboy Hello Kitty); Nara Buddha Hello Kitty and last, but not least:

Otaku Hello Kitty (with the word moé (もぇ) on it. This was a running gag on our trip. We were driving in the chartered bus very much in the beginning of the trip when we crossed a bridge and saw this gorgeous sight of a lake. We all went: "ooh, mooi" (ooh, beautiful, in Dutch). The bus driver (Mister Flippy Toes, because of his weird shoes and unpronounceable name) and our tour guide (Minako) went into fits of giggles. Turns out mooi is pronounced the same as moé, which is otaku for something like cool.)

I did get some random ones, just because I like them so much.

9. Anna Sui wallet. S. and I LOVE Anna Sui, probably mostly because it's nowhere in Europe. And it's a bit gothic ;p Minako approved heartily and showed us her Anna Sui wallet. Which triggered my lust so I got one and it's very pretty. I also bought an Anna Sui mirror but that's not in the photo.

10. Clothes for Élie. We visited several Volk's stores. The one in Kyoto is the big one, with the shrine. I didn't visit that, I have to admit the atmosphere creeped me out a little. But, they did have an insane amount of awesome stuff! S. dubbed the store "the Volk's Hell", which was how we referred to them ever after. In Tokyo finding some other Volk's stores turned out to be a great way of doing some sightseeing so we ended up visiting three there, in Ikebukuro, in Ginza, and in Akihabara. I got some stuff in each of them. Expect a LOT of pictures of Élie in the near future >>

11. I did find some FMA gashapon. Roy in a crazy, tiny little store crammed full of figurines in Kurashiki and Riza from a machine in the Animate in Akihabara.

12. In Ikebukuro the Sanrio store had a gashapon machine with H.Naoto Hello Kitty ;-; After three I sadly ran out of hundred yen coins.

13. Hello Kitty stamps!!!

14. In Akihabara was an Azone store! They have so many clothes it nearly drove me nuts. I bought the J-doll (Joseph splatz) nude and put her in the school uniform I had gotten earlier for Medicom Ed.

15. As expected it was quite hot and I sweat like the proverbial pig. The little towels were quite useful. At first I got one at Miyjima (with Hello Kitty) but I lost that >< So I got another one at Nara (also with Hello Kitty). And then in Tokyo I found Vivienne Westwood ones! Too cool! It's very nice, I nearly stitched it to my shirt.

16. Very pretty pictures from Kuroshitsuji. Two are postcards and two have an ugly pin on them.

17. Pocky. Of course.

There is also the Hello Kitty Ed pen in the picture and some random candy. I didn't add a very cute Moomin spoon. Moomin is a Finnish anime, or something that has spawned a chain of coffee shops.
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