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Last night in WoW I finally managed to get with a group that did the Heroic Sethekk Halls instance so I could do my Swift Flightform Quest.

I had gotten the epic riding skill a couple of weeks earlier, with the help of the lovely mikkeneko who had lent me the final 1k gold I was still missing and insisted I got myself a Purple Riding Nether Ray. That proved to be prophetic because I had a hell of a time getting into Sethekk halls.

Firstly because it was really hard to get a group at all. This is a difficult instance and only has 2 bosses in a regular run so the pickings are slim. The first group I got together never got past the first boss. The second group made it to the summoning stone, when the world server crashed and was down for the rest of the evening. The third group made it to the entrance, except the one member who did not have the heroic key nor the rep to get it ><

Fourth was the charm: I had parked myself in LFG and was chatting when suddenly the pst came: can you heal Heroic Sethekk? Oh, yes, damn, you bet I could. Our group consisted of two others druids (feral tank and kitty dps) who needed the quest as well, a mage and a hunter. It was painful. We wiped countless times. And apparently some-one was saved in it before because while we were wiping on the first boss for the second time the instance reset. We jokingly called it "the practice run". Before the quest boss we switched out the hunter for her warlock alt. We wiped on Anzu, the quest boss once and then traded the mage for a different druid tank, a really hardcore one who knew exactly what to do. Oneshot! We even went on to the final boss. I had to repair twice, for the lovely sum of 22 gold and change each time. As usual I hardly got any rolls (I'm very unlucky), so it was expensive but it was SO worth it!

Screenshot or it didn't happen:

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