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It may look as if I have been entirely swallowed by World of Warcraft but do not fear! I still find the time to spend lots of money on dolls. My credit card may be hurting a little right now but at least there was a little sunlight today in these otherwise dreary months so I managed to make a few photos of my latest fluffies!

First we have the Another Alice Pullip, who is just as gorgeous as I expected her to be from the early photos. She has the amazing bronze skin and the sweetest expression ever. I adore her. She's been here since early December. She came with a stylistically completely random, hideous statue of a pink flamingo. I know now that it's supposed to be there but at the moment of opening I had a profound wtf moment ;p

On my recent trip to New York I found my newest obsession at FAO Schwarz: Ellowyne Wilde. I feel that the pictures on the site do not do her justice, she really is very pretty, not vapid at all, and her clothes are gorgeous.

Once I have more light and my purchases have all arrived I will make some serious photos but for now here are some introductory pics under the cut.

This is Alice.

And this is Ella, who is a "Sushi For One" Ellowyne Wilde, dressed in "Alone Again"
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