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Elricmas fic: Control

Title: Control
Author: brinylon
Rating: NC-17, to be on the safe side
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Spoilers: None, AU
Notes: This was written for elricmas at the request of velvet_mace who prompted "Uke!Roy".

(I keep editing after posting, mostly corrections and formatting stuff.)

Roy Mustang, General in the Amestris army well before forty and with a keen eye on the very top, the furhership, was in his office when he received a phone-call. On the other end of the line: Edward Elric, on his way back to town after a short trip to the Huckenburger library, famous for its ancient manuscripts on alchemic symbolism. The phone-call was short and to the point but as he put back the receiver Roy felt a now familiar fluttering in his stomach, a mixture of nervous anticipation, excitement and dread at the same time. Ed back in town means sex with Ed the Ed way and Roy loved it, he couldn't deny it, but it was also causing him doubts, mostly about himself.

Edward and he had been lovers for over a year now. They didn't live together, though Roy secretly believed, when he was honest with himself, that this was only a matter of time. After succesfully restoring his brother Ed had quit the Military as soon as possible and built a career for himself as a researcher at Central University. He was considered brilliant, he could do no wrong as long as he sometimes published one of his incredible papers; which gave him the freedom to roam around at will. On rare occasions, and most condescendingly, he advised the military. Roy was convinced Ed only agreed to do it to watch them squirm and he couldn't help the little thrill when he witnessed it.

Ed arrived on his doorstep that evening, confident and grinning; glowing and gorgeous, so attractive Roy couldn't help but be pleased that this man had chosen him, of all people, as his mate. And Roy loved to get fucked by this grown up and very successful Ed. It was not what he ever envisioned for himself and despite himself, he still wasn't quite convinced this was what he really wanted out of a relationship. He had never been able to say no, though and the physical evidence of his completion was always undeniable. He let himself be pushed, be tied up, bitten and fucked and he came again and again, thrashing and wailing. Ed loved the little games they played, loved to press Roy against the wall with his body, confident they both liked this equally. He either liked something or he didn't and if he didn't it didn't happen, clear as glass. Roy was the wavering one here, the one who would have to draw the line, if that was what he wanted.

It was a familiar dance, full of anticipation. Ed crowded Roy, pulled at his clothes, undoing buttons and clasps. Roy in turn touched, stroked the long blond hair, the tanned skin where available until Ed grabbed his hands and held them away from their bodies, pinned them against the wall as he sought Roy's mouth and kissed him deeply, invading his mouth with a demanding tongue. Roy's knees buckled, he moaned and tried to thrust his body into Ed's, who held him off. He pressed his automail knee between Roy's legs, keeping them apart. This was what he wanted, no, what he craved, would crave if it wasn't for his masculine pride that snarled in his chest. He recalled the time Ed confessed he had wanted him for a long, long time. That he never really wanted anyone else and that was flattering. Roy spread his legs wider.

"I missed you," Ed said conversationally, as if he hadn't just reduced Roy to throbbing need. A whiny sound escaped him, not trusting himself to not outright beg.

He felt a twinge, a little jolt of shame for his eagerness, the sheer speed at which he hardened at these less than tender touches. He still wasn't used to feeling like this, he used to be the one always in control, who called the shots. He used to have a reputation for a reason, possibly still had it. No longer deserved though, at least not in his own eyes.

Ed shrugged and took him by the hand, dragging him off towards the bedroom where he pushed Roy on the bed and took off his own clothes, revealing his own horniness, which in turn caused Roy to salivate.

The big difference between them, or so Roy believed while he still had the presence of mind to think rationally, was the amount of control they could muster. Ed reduced Roy to a puddle of goo almost right away while he himself seemed endlessly capable of rational thought. How could that be? That was not how they used to work, in daily life Roy had always been the controlled one, while Ed could lose his temper at the drop of a hat. What had changed? When did Ed become the one person in the world who could push Roy's head down into his groin and have Roy let him? It was a complete mystery and the smell and taste of Ed's cock took away coherency and left only intense lust and his own pulsing dick.

When Ed pushed him away, still rock hard, he whined in earnest. But this is part of the game, never any satisfaction till the very end. Roy knew this well, but it was never any easier. Ed crawled all over him, licking and sucking, fleetingly, maddening while he never, ever came near Roy's cock, now painfully hard and dripping.

He wanted to touch himself, to find some relief but his hands were caught immediately.

"Mine," hissed Ed, his eyes narrowed, nipping at naked flesh with a ferocious hunger.

Roy licked his lips and clenched his teeth as another whiny noise made its way out.
"Touch me," he managed to grind out. "Damn it, Ed!"

Ed clacked his tongue in mocking disapproval, smiling broadly.
"In due time, we not there yet."

Roy struggled half-heartedly, trying to pull free but not too hard, his treacherous self somehow afraid Ed might take it in earnest and stop what he was doing.

"Behave!" Ed crowed. "I can't leave your hands free now, can I?"

He grabbed his pants, pulled the leather belt free and used it to tie Roy's hands behind his back. It ended with Roy face down in his pillow, straddled by his lover, who was kneading his ass cheeks.

"You could let me fuck you for a change," Roy panted as he struggled against the tight leather straps.

"I don't think so," Ed grinned at him, breathing heavily and gleaming with sweat. "It's too much fun to see you writhe about."

What Ed might lack in finesse, and he was learning all the time, he more than compensated with unbridled enthusiasm, passion and strength. Roy was powerless against the onslaught though he tried, unwilling to give up his dignity without a struggle. Unfortunately, his efforts seemed to encourage Ed to be more dominant, to try harder and conquer and at some point Roy lost. Invariably, he lost and came, hard and helpless with Ed's cock up his ass and his hands tied behind his back, while he panted in the pillows and his lover laughed and laughed.

And Ed cared, that was absolutely certain. He wiped Roy down with a damp cloth, pressing gentle kisses after it. He was so tender, almost sweet in his solicitude. Roy didn't want to move, ever again, wrung out, sprawled on the bed. He felt good, life was good and he didn't want anything more. Not today, tomorrow the doubts would surface again but for now he was pleased with how his life had turned out.

"Are you satisfied now?" Ed asked as he slid under the covers, smiling.

"Hmm?" Roy could barely find the strength to reach out an arm and invite Ed to come closer. Ed nosed his shoulder, his hair, all golden, spilling over Roy's chest.

"Are you happy? Was it good for you?" He wriggled around, fitting himself against Roy just so, an arm slung over Roy's chest.

"Very," Roy murmured. "What? Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Sure, it was great," he felt Ed shrug against him. "But you like the rough stuff, I dunno if I'm very good at it."

Roy was silent for a moment, drowning in his conflicting emotions until he surfaced with yet a new aspect of being involved with Edward Elric. Ed wass still young, not too young anymore but quite young. He had never known another lover. And Roy was only reaping what he'd sown, wasn't he?
"You're great at it," he said, his voice rough. "Couldn't ask for more, really."
Tags: edward elric, roy mustang, roy/ed, royxed
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