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Got the Harry Potter book at the midnight (well, one o'clock our time) sale last night, started reading at 10 am, finished at around five pm, so clocked seven hours. Well done me!

I didn't start getting into it until around page four hundred, when they finally came back at Hogwarts, things became really interesting then. I found the months of wandering around the countryside and apparently not doing a single thing to prepare for what was to come frustrating and somewhat tedious. It read like Hermione was doing everything while Harry and Ron just loafed around, moaning and brooding.

But, oh the memories of Snape, wonderful stuff. That made it all worthwile. And the epilogue was really sweet.

The death that got to me the most? Hedwig. Because it was the moment the war became real.

(Here's an amusing summary of the book.)
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