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Finally an opportunity for a bit of Crack Theatre (tm)! Credit goes to sky_dark for being the evil mastermind behind the concept.

Ed: Mail came today, you have a package from Tokyo.
Bri: Tokyo? I'm only expecting one thing from Tokyo. That looks like a big box for such a small....
Ed: What?
Bri: Never mind. Let's open it up!

Ed: Here, lemme, I can handle this.
Bri: Be my guest.

Ed: *Hacks* *Saws* *Slices*
Bri: Nifty.

Ed: It's mainly full of padding.
Bri: The guys at Shopping Mall Japan made packaging into a weird obsessive artform.

Ed: Weeee! Packing peanuts!

Ed: Oh, wait, there is something in here, some kind of clear box.
Bri: Oooh! Damn, Ed, can I have a look at some point today?

Ed: I don't know whether to laugh or to cry here.
Bri: *nosebleeds profusely*
Ed: You fangirls are sick.
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