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Almost a real drabble: the Secret

(A tiny royxed piece. I'm really nervous again, I'll never get used to showing my work. Aaargh!)

It was quite possibly the best kept secret in all of Amestris: Edward Elric’s military uniform. It hung in it’s protective cover in the master wardrobe, between Roy’s spares in theirs. Pristine, perfectly tailored, complete with trench and dress coat, all the trimmings (he apparently had several decorations, it was truly puke worthy). He had never worn it except for fittings, it was Roy’s little perversion, nothing to do with him.

He had withstood for months, mocking and sneering but the endless pleading, cajoling and outright begging had worn him down. It still irked that he had lost this particular battle. He knew the subject might come up again at any time and he dreaded that time. However, he was now owed the biggest favour ever. He was going to take his time to collect, and make sure he would get sweet revenge.
Tags: edward elric, roy mustang, roy/ed, royxed, yaoi
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