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cryogenia introduced me to Apoptygma Berzerk and I noted that it sounded similar to Covenant. Turns out there is a colab between VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Icon of Coil, Covenant, and DJ Rexx Arcana called Bruderschaft. There is only one song, about a dozen remixes, and it is awesome. The lyrics are beautiful:

I don't believe in the existence
of mercy's guiding hand
not with all that I have witnessed
I cannot understand
Forever burdened with the knowledge
that I could have been so much more
When the truth is hard to suffer
I knew all this before

there is no comfort in faith
the heaven still will fail
a thousand towers rise before me
I cannot climb them all
There is no kind of joy in this
there is no time that it can heal
when emptness enshadows bliss
there is nothing left to feel

I have not abandoned hope
though I know there's nothing more
Tired and alone
you forget what you have hoped for

I will walk this ground forever
and stand guard against your name
I will give all I can offer
I will shoulder all the blame
I am sentry to you now
all you hopes and all your dreams
I will hold you to the light
that's what forever means

I was never what you wanted
I could never never please
I swallowed all our sorrow
in the midst of my disease
all my fortunes
all my gains
all the battles I have won
now collapsing like the rain
I stand alone
your only son

take some solace of these words
take notice of this place
hollow whispers that they are
like the wind upon my face
sing softly in my ear
and look at me with wonder
I will try to ease your pain
as the darkness pulls you under
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