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My copy of The Art of Fullmetal Alchemist had arrived and because I immediately fell in love with the printwork I brought it to work with me. I work at a magazine, people here have a more than average interest in printed matter ;p.

I pointed out the spot varnish on the cover and we oohed. I showed the metallic endpapers and we aahed. Then I pointed out the humourous cow pictures of Arakawa-sensei but I think the audience's attention waned somewhat there ;p. I went on to show the actual artwork because that has also been printed very well and said something about our heroes being cute. One coworker remarked that Ed & Al didn't seem at all cute to her, they seemed rather agressive. I responded along the lines of: no, they're nice kids, really but they go through a lot in the series. She blinked. Geez, I would not compare FMA with "Crime & Punishment" but the assumption that a comic would not even have an actual plot is a bit much.

FMA has not been broadcasted here at all and manga/anime is not mainstream, to put it mildly. The old "cartoons are for kids" thing, I suppose. I am still traumatised by that one saturday morning where Teletubbies was seamlessly followed by the 1st episode of the Guyver. I mean, I was plenty old enough to appreciate the Guyver but the transition was somewhat sudden. One moment my hungover brain was enjoying happy fluffy bunnies, the next this guy is absorbed by biomechanic armour. Of course, they only showed 3 episodes or so and then it dissapeared forever as is always the case. I would be so deprived if it wasn't for the internet ;p.
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