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Meta journalling

Yesterday I had tried out some of the available lay-outs LJ has to offer. This was fun but the ones I thought I liked drove me mad after using them for, oh, fifteen minutes? I was very relieved when I eventually did manage to find my old theme (because making a note of which one it was never occured to me, of course).

But the change bug had bit me! Something /had/ to be done. I had tried to put a background on in the past, using the Custom CSS module but LJ's explanation of CSS had stumped me. So, the quick and dirty fix, my trademark, came with copying the CSS from my Blogspot (or whatever it's called these days) e presto! Look at the pretty pattern! <3

The only thing that bugs me to teeth gnashing now is the bloody size difference between the top bar and the two columns under it. That bar is too long and I have no idea how to fix it! Plus, the row and column spaces are uneven. Gah.
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