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Meme: interview thingie

I got this from maypirate:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better. If I already know you well, expect the questions may be a little more intimate!
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

By maypirate:

1. Do you speak any languages other than English?

In my regular daily life I speak Dutch (ja, echt waar). And I know a little French and German. Plus of course fangirl Japanese ;p

2. When and how did you get into FMA?

I had read the last avaiable Vampire Hunter D novel and was itching for a new series. The downloads for FMA had been on my harddisc for a year or so and I finally decided to give it a go. Here is the actual account:

• Blog entry for march 10 2006:
Finished the 3rd and for now the last of the Vampire Hunter D novels. The next english translation is due to arrive in august. (...)

• Blog entry for march 19 2006:
I've been watching the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. There are 51 episodes, I have seen them up to 25 now so about halfway through. This is a really great series! Cool artwork, great combination of mech and magic. (...)

• Blog entry for march 22 2006:
Last year I found out about hentai and was amused. Now I am looking at some fanfiction and have found out about yaoi and shounen-ai. I am amused again.
For instance: in FMA there is a very marked chemistry between Ed and Roy Mustang. (...)

• Blog entry for march 23 2006:
I have watched the enitre FMA series. It's all over, and very sad the ending was too. But quite a lot of it is very funny. (...)

• Blog entry for march 27 2006:
Yes, I have done it. I have written some FMA yaoi... (...)

• Blog entry for march 28 2006:
::one more::
My last post about FMA, I swear. (...)

• Blog entry for april 10 2006:
Another Hagaren yaoi post ;p I am very sorry for not keeping my word. But I have read 2 of the best fics ever & I have to tell about it. (...)

(That was when I had read TARM:SET and BLTA. And you know I've been in the fandom ever since because I came to the CoE a short while after that).

3. Pirates, Ninjas, or Legion?


4. Do you have any siblings? I honestly don't know...

I have a younger brother, who is married and has two kids. We're not very close, we seem to have a fundamentally different outlook on life.

5. Have you been to the U.S.?

I've been to the US 3 times. The first was in 1996 when I did a summercourse at UCLA, I was there for 6 weeks. The second time (2002) I stayed with friends in Arcadia (LA) and we visited San Fransisco. The last time was in 2005, when I went to New York with my best friends. That was only 5 days.

By cryogenia:

1. What traditions do you celebrate (family, cultural, etc) that are important to you?
Since a few years my parents and I usually do a little citytrip for my birthday. So far we've been to London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Edinbourgh and Glasgow. I have a lot of history with my family and it means a lot to me that I have managed to go past that and heal enough to do this. It's still hard, and my dad has been nearly murdered, oh, a few million times ;p but the memories of these trips are so precious and they counterbalance the bad ones from my youth (Disclaimer: nothing horrifyingly bad happened, I'm not talking about incest or physical abuse.)

2. Recommend a song to me :O
One of my all time favourite songs is Crazy English Summer by Faithless and Zoe Johnston. <3

3. What would you most like to see done in a fanwork (doujin, fic, fanart, etc)?
I really just want more of the same. Every time I read a well written, IC piece of RoyxEd smex/fluff/plot I am so happy. I love being able to enjoy the different interpretations, visions of and for my OTP.

4. What draws you to RoyEd as a pairing?
First, I have an unreasonable amount of love for Ed. Sometimes I laugh at the sheer intensity, it's absurd ;p There was an omake in the manga where Hohenheim taught Ed not to tease his brother and mind his mum. I was so furious with him! How dare he do anything but support Ed!

Okay, that settled, now for Roy and Ed. In the anime that was where I felt the "true love" chemistry (see also what I said in my answers to May). I like the age difference, it makes me tingly. I like to see Ed contained (to some extent) and nurtured and I think Roy is the only one capable of that! I like it when Ed feels somewhat humiliated by the love he feels for the bastard. I like to see the smug womaniser on his knees because of this love for an uncouth lout. I like how their dynamic makes it possible to be many different things to each other. And I could think of much more...

5. What fandom trends do you like? What cliches irritate you?
I like the exploration of AU's, Hime's various ones and Kalika's latest Demon thing f.e. I like that the fandom is now slowly starting to focus on the manga and there is much speculation. I've heard many people swoon over Olivia Armstrong but not yet seen any of that in a fanwork but it could be awesome. The only things that really bug me is bad writing (and bad spelling, there is no excuse for posting fic the way I type in chat, dammit) and way OOC stuff. And MSs of course but I know I have written my own MS in the long forgotten past ;p

By sky_dark:

1. You can have a dinner party with three famous historical figures, who are they?
Sappho, Jane Austen and Ada Lovelace. In historical order. What would we eat? How would they react to each other? And I would love to see what kind of persons they actually were. I can see Ada as a proto-nerd. ;p

2. How did you learn English?
I learned the basics in Highschool but didn't make much progress until I was 14 and had a horrible crush on David Bowie. I /needed/ to know what he was singing about. There was no internet in those days so I just listened to the songs very carefully, over and over again. After that I started to read SF and fantasy and the translations of those are pretty bad and very few. I had to read them in English. Then quite a few years of little progress until at some point I switched to writing my stuff in English. It felt like the English language was better suited for what I wrote. Since I came in the FMA fandom my grammar has really improved. My weakness, same as in Dutch, is capitals. Never know when to use those.

3. I know you have visited the U.S. before, is it very different than your home country?
It's pretty much a scale thing. Everything is much, much bigger and MORE in the US. I love going to the supermarket and look at aisles and aisles of cereal. People are people everywhere.

4. Roy loves Ed, right? RIGHT?
Yes! And what'd more, he needs Ed, he can't live without him. Maybe even more so than the other way around (though Ed loves Roy very, very much as well).

5. What does your favorite scent remind you of?
My favourite scent is White Musk from the Bodyshop, such a warm, earthy, comfy smell. It reminds me of my early uni days, of moving to Amsterdam and the courage I felt at the time. I was taking my life in my own hands!

By hieronymousb:

1. So, why Roy/Ed? I know you like fluff, but other pairings can deliver the fluff, too. What's the appeal for you of these two characters together?
I do not like fluff for fluff's sake per se! If I don't care for the pairing I'd rather read non-con or something, to make the reading worthwhile. I specifically like Roy/Ed fluff because I care for the characters and the pairing so much, I want them to be safe and happy. Cryo asked the same question about my OTP, so see above for the why. ;p

2. What the hell is your icon from? XD
It's from the 2006(?) calendar, october: the Halloween picture. It is official Arakawa art! I like Ed's expression, you might call it "impish" if that was ever a way to describe Ed, which it's not. ;p And there is of course the vampire aspect, linking neatly to my other fandom, Castlevania. Adrian Tepes, aka Alucard, has blond hair and golden eyes. :)

3. What is the best part of your profession? What do you have the most fun doing?
My favourite bit is montage, altering a photo by adding something or someone from another. Second favourite is recolouring, I love to turn a blue dress red. I once turned a deep wine red velours sweatshirt into a pale beige and it worked! I also like to smooth out wrinkles though I'm generally not in favour of doing it, why not allow people to show their age. I hate having to remove tattoos, it irks me. If you don't want tattoos, use a model that doesn't have them.

I just love fiddling in Photoshop, I neve tire of that.

4. How did you get into collecting dollfies?
I only have the one! But I know what you mean. I blame it all on Starfleet, a series from the 1970s that was a SF version of Thunderbirds. I have always loved those marionettes. Last year, when I got on LJ, I found out about Dollfies but it seemed expensive and complicated to get them. Then I bought a Blythe doll while on vacation in Hong Kong. Back at work a co-worker saw my Blythe and told me about Pullips. I loved those at once, I now have four. And from geting them, and finding some more info about what is available, the step to getting an actual Dollfie-like doll suddenly became a lot smaller. So now I have Élie and so far it's been great. I'm pretty sure there will be more, eventually but for now I like getting gear for the guy.

5. Are there any other anime series you're into?
Not like I'm into FMA. But I like Hellsing a lot. I like Ouran, Masterdetective Loki Ragnarok. I have a soft spor fot Dragonball Z (kaaameeehameha!). My first manga was Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita). I like Vampire Hunter D, though those are trashy novels and a movie. And I like the Miyazaki movies. A lot. I can't stand the Pokémon anime but I've played Ruby and Leafgreen on the GBA and really like them.

By loreamara:

1. What does your livejournal username mean, if anything? Why did you choose it?
Copied from my user info: Nylon is a polymer, which is to say a long molecule composed of many identical units, chemically known as polyamide (one brand name is Astron). The form described as Nylon 6,6 is stretch nylon (brand names include Ban-Lon and BriNylon).

In the Red Dwarf book or scripts, I can't remember which, is a description of the Polymorph episode, in which the characters lose a personality trait and turn into someone completely different. The cool and stylish Cat becomes a horrible nerd: "I'm so geeky I could go to a Science Fiction convention!" And he was described wearing BriNylon socks. I found this highly amusing. ;p

2. What do you do when you have trouble sleeping? Does it help?
This happens so rarely that I usually just lay there, staring at the ceiling in wonder and amazement. Generally I can sleep always and at any time. The worse I feel the more I want to sleep. Which is why, because of a rather stubborn depression, I spend most of my early twenties asleep.

3. If you had to start a new life in a new city with a new name and no contact with the life you have now, would you be the same person? Or would you try something different?
It would be an ideal setting to become a new person but I can't see that happening. I am me and rather set in my ways. I've never been able to fake being different and I can't imagine switching to another personality because circumstances are different.

4. What do you wish you had more time for in your life?
Aarh, I don't have enough time for anything, not even procrastinating.

5. What is the worst physical injury you've had?
I fell on my chin when I was seven and have a hairy scar from that incident. This makes me very, very lucky! XD

Now you know all about me ;)
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