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Over here < V > we have already established Roy and Ed with wuffy wuv is practically canon. Right? No, don't try to contradict me. Don't touch me! Don't touch me! It's allright! Okay.

There is a thing that bugs me about 1 bit of pretty much established fanon and that is Al quite often being written as much smarter than Ed. I'll grudgingly conceed that Al is probably better at communication but for the rest? I haven't seem much evidence of his superior intellect in the canon. In fact, I'm not much of an Al fan at all. In the anime he grafts unto practically every adult he meets no matter what their intentions. No healthy cynism. Irksome little bugger.

There are 2 other thingies I need to have in the drug fanfiction of my dreams. I want the automail. Ed without automail is blah. Armor!Al or Flesh!Al, it's all the same to me but Ed has to have automail. Because it is cool and sad at the same time, you know ;p And! Ed should also be able to do alchemy when he is without his arm for whatever reason. He can still draw circles, you know. He writes with his left hand! Episode 8! Authentic! Canon!

I haven't slept well. I happily blame Velvet for this, I just couldn't get Pets out of my head.
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