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Yesterday was my day off (I love working 36 hours and having a day off every 2 weeks). I spent it reading fics, what else. I've finished the royxed section at Touka koukan.

While over there I've found the limit of the squick factor I can handle (I mean, that little tale, written by sockren, is beyond what I can bear). It was a challenge and whoa, did they pull out the ick. While I have no specific problem with shota.

I found out I don't care for crossdressing (a personal trauma ;p I've lost quite a few items of clothing to crossdressing flatmates) nor Ed-officially-in-the-military (with an uniform & war stuff) stories. So I've also learned a bit about myself ;p Man, there is a lot generic gratuitous smex out there. Yay!

Next I read velvet_mace's Pawns. Bloody good stuff! She has some awfully squicky bits as well and they are (mostly) too fascinating to pass up. The word marigold will never be the same again for me though.

Then I started another drabble. It was a good day.
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