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I spend a lot of money today...

...And loved every minute of it. I've finally ordered a real BJD (Luts Delf El) and went just /slightly/ overboard with shopping for stuff for the boy afterward. ;p

I'm keeping a running account of the goodies in this LiveJournal Scrapbook Gallery. Beware of pictures of big-eyed DOLLS. And I'll keep tally of events in this post.

The boy's name is currently Élie (which I pronounce Eh-lee). A bit of a cop out, I admit but it saves me a lot of headache ;). Damn me and my minimalist aesthetics, while still wishing to indulge in most unminimalistic collecting. Ah, but I do enjoy being contrary XD

On 21/12:
• Mimiwoo confirmed shipping for the yukata, the white shirt and the black socks.

On 22/12:
• Luts confirmed payment for both orders (I've ordered the doll through Ebay and the rest of the stuff (wig, violet eyes, green eyes, eyelashes, Luts pants) through their website. The presence of Ebay feels like an extra insurance measure).
• Nathaliestoyhouse confirmed shipping of the trenchcoat outfit, the tank top and the underwear.

On 23/12:
• Onsumla confirmed shipping of the purple glitter eyes.
• Mimiwoo confirmed shipping of the rainbow socks, the black shirt, the dress shoes and the high tops.

On 27/12:
• Luts confirmed shipping of the 'rest of the stuff' (everything but the doll).

On 28/12:
• The first stuff arrived! The underwear, grey tank top, black socks, yukata, white shirt and trench set are in da house.
• Nathaliestoyhouse confirmed shipping of the cargo pants and the black jacket.

On 30/12:
• The Luts package containing the grey eyes, the green eyes, the eyelashes, the chocolate wig and the curb pants arrived. They have also included a Santa hat as a gift!

On 03/01:
• There were two notices from the postoffice: packages for me to collect.
• The necklace from Pepstar2000 arrived.

On 05/01:
• The purple eyes, black jacket and cargo pants were collected at the post office.

On 06/01:
• The black boots had been delivered to the wrong adress (the /package/ had the wrong adress on it) but the lovely occupant tracked me down.

On 08/01:
• The black wig arrived.

On 18/01:
• The black shirt, dress shoes, Allstars, glitter socks and both necklaces were collected at the post office!
• Élie is still stuck at customs. Day 10 and counting.

On 20/01:
• Élie has been delivered!

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