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ficlet: Al/Hei - Hot Chocolate

Title: Hot Chocolate
Genre: Fluffy smut
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Al/Hei
Spoilers: Movie spoilers, AU
Notes: Written for elricmas as a present for asingulargirl, who requested 'Hei/Al fic, the smuttier the better'. The original entry can be found here. And tsu wrote Holiday Spirits (Roy/Ed, R) for me!

(I keep editing after posting, mostly corrections and formatting stuff.)

It was cold in Munich, really, really cold and every window in the tiny apartment was frozen shut. It's occupants had long since lost the ability to appreciate the beauty of the intricate fern patterns, instead desperately trying to keep the place as warm as possible with the fuel shortage. It was December, Christmas was nearing fast and Edward had taken to bed with a miserable cold, leaving his brother and his friend to their own devices. Al and Alfons were huddled near the stove, watching a pan a milk coming slowly to the boil. Once the milk was ready Alfons busied himself making hot cocoa. Al studied him, his face, his body, thinking about their likeness and how he could imagine himself looking like that in a few years. He didn't mind that prospect at all. The lean yet firm body, the silky hair, the thoughtful expression, he liked it very much. He liked to look at him and at night in his bed he liked to think about him as he fondled his erection and stroked himself to orgasm as quietly as possible.

"Oops," Alfons made a face. "I think I overdid it just a little."

He showed Al the pan, filled with something more akin to sludge than chocolate milk.

"Never mind, Al said, with a smile. "We'll have it with a spoon."

They laughed and Al felt something stir inside him at the sound of Alfons' laugh. He flushed a little.

"Hey," Alfons looked at him carefully. "You're not getting sick as well, are you? How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine!" Al hastened to say, and flushed bit more. "Please, I'd like to try some of your chocolate syrup!"

Alfons chuckled and poured some in a cup. Their fingers brushed as he handed it over and the temperature in the small kitchen seemed to go up considerably. The older man flushed a little as well. Al looked up at him, eyes bright, casting about for something significant to say. There had to be something that would make it all happen, that would magically make Alfons as interested in him as he was in Alfons! There wasn't anything forthcoming and Alfons sat down again, away from him. It was only a short distance but it might as well be a canyon. Inside Al's mind was a little creature, wailing and lamenting, desperate to touch and feel. It screamed at him that he was a coward, that it was better to die like a man than live like a mouse and it ranted and raved just like Ed habitually did. In fact, he was sure it had a little antenna and everything, it probably was his inner Edward.

Alfons, meanwhile, was sipping his own cup of the thick chocolatey stuff, looking at him thoughtfully.

"This tastes pretty good," he said. "I think I may prefer it to proper chocolate milk!"

Al laughed dutifully, too preoccupied by his feelings to really be able to react. Alfons put down his cup with a little frown.

"Are you sure you're alright, Alphonse?" he said. "You seem miles away, what are you thinking about?"

"Nothing," Al hastened to say and his eyes latched on Alfons' face where some of the thick chocolate clung to his chin. He took a deep breath, resolutely pushed every doubt out of his mind, and leaned forward to carefully lick the smear away. He didn't stop there, he moved his tongue up, first to lick at the full bottom lip and then at the space between the lips, which opened a fraction. His heart sang! Alfons put his hands on his shoulders, warm touch that he felt through his entire body.

"Wait, Al," Alfons protested quietly. "Please, stop for a second."

Al felt like he was slapped in the face and looked up with an expression of such anguish Alfons couldn't help but stroke a hand through the younger man's hair.

"This isn't right," he said, needed to say. "You are very young, I can't take advantage of you like this."

"What?" Al didn't believe his ears. "You, take advantage of me? Are you kidding?"

He felt like he was going to burst out of his pants. This wasn't fair! Apparently his one brave act wasn't going to be enough.

"I like you," he said. "I really want to kiss you. Please?"

Alfons seemed torn, wavering but he couldn't tear away his gaze from Al's lips and the boy seemed sincere... He bend forward, pressing his lips to those of Al, opening them with his tongue. Al responded without hesitation, a bit clumsy but enthusiastic and it felt very, very good. He moved his hands to Al's neck, his shoulders and that seemed to give Al the idea to do the same, to move his hands over his body, caressing and stroking.

Al decided that this was the best thing ever but they were too far apart. He moved, pressed his body to that of Alfons and sat down on top of him to unbutton his shirt. He wouldn't stop now for anything, it was dizzying, as if his fantasies had come to life. The air between them seemed to shimmer with desire. Alfons pulled Al's shirt from his trousers and moved his hands up his back, massaging his spine as he moved his mouth down to suck at Al's neck. Al arched into him.

Alfons stood, pulling them both in a standing position, taking the opportunity to breathe for a moment while Al kept touching him, causing little electric shocks all over his skin. He dipped two of his fingers in the chocolate sludge and smeared it over his chest in a long sweep from nipple to nipple. Al's eyes widened and then he grinned, attacking the sweet stuff with his mouth and tongue. Alfons savoured the sensation for a few moments and then undid Al's pants, pulled them down together with his boxers. He cupped the warm, soft balls, letting his thumb glide over them, causing Al to gasp and squirm. His dick was already as hard as it could be, dripping pre-cum.

Okay, if he wanted to have a go at this he'd have to hurry. He took Al's face between his hands and tilted it up to give him a quick kiss, then knelt down to lick the slit clean. Al stood stock still, trembling with a stunned expression on his face. This was beyond anything he had dreamed possible. He gasped as Alfons took the head in his mouth and sucked at it, moaned as he was taken in deeper. He put his hands to Alfons' head, unable to think beyond the pleasure, unable to do anything but to try to keep breathing and making involuntary noises. Alfons' hands kneaded his buttocks and that felt utterly amazing as well! The sensations were mounting, increasing into a familiar crescendo but more intensified than he had ever experienced before. As the whole world rushed into a ball of white light and he came with a little cry, he was ready to weep with joy. His knees buckled and he had trouble keeping upright. Alfons sat down again, pulling him on his lap and nuzzled him gently. He leant into the older man, resting his head on his shoulder.

"Thank you," he mumbled. "That was wonderful..."

He yawned.

"It was my pleasure," Alfons said, smiling. "I liked it as well. You can sleep if you like, I'll hold you."

"Want to suck you too," Al managed but he was sinking into sleep. "Can we do it again later?"

"Of course," Alfons laughed. "I'll keep some cocoa for you."

Al smiled and fell asleep, convinced Alfons must be the best lover in the whole world.

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