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In my short time as a FMA fangirl I've already gone beyond the limits of what I thought would be bearable ;p I've read a FMA|Harry Potter crossover and I was sorry it wasn't finished. I read a kitty story fer crissake and liked it (Damn you, Coyo! :)). The one boundary as yet uncrossed is the cosplay, still don't get that. YMMV of course.

Meanwhile I have found a tiny crackly drabble that I can read safely @work and which can help me through the long, dull days. It's written by the more than awesome ciceqi and can be found here. I just love this though I know nothing about FF8 (FF7 has been on my pile of games to play for ages now). So adorable. And yes, I am one of those people who can read something a 1000 times before getting sick of it.
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