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Roy 'n Ed, Ed 'n Roy

Yeah, @work again so watch me struggle to keep it clean and still talk about FMA ;p I can't hang out at FMA_yaoi and other like places where I'd want to be.

I'm new to this fangirl thing so I want to tell all about my brand new experiences, like I'm the first and only person who ever.... Now the newbieness is getting to me. Many people have done this, much, much better than I ever could. Well, it's just, I need to express a bit.

I'm leaving the manga out of this musing. The godz may know where that's going, things are pretty scary in chapter 58.

By now (had this account for, oh, 3 weeks?) I realize my favourite FMA pairing, the infamous Royxed, is considered bland and boring by the die-hards but I just love it so much. This is the first anime that got me this obsessed about a specific pairing. I've done some Castlevania fanfic (SOTN, AOS) before but that was more story related.

While watching FMA I got this "Are they really suggesting this or what" vibe pretty early on. And I wanted it to be there, of course ;p I replayed every scene with the two of them a thousand times in true fangirl obsession avant la lettre.

After watching the movie I'm convinced that it's as near canon as to make no difference. Hawkeye is completely ignored. Winry, who's that again? At least, she is there showing her love and is taken for granted in a pretty brutal way. Of course I hate the movie, it's so definitely the end, no more FMA. But the tiny scenes, the bit where the men speculate why Roy has lost his drive, the all too short reunion, those make up for a lot.
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