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Ficlet: How do I love thee?

Title: How do I love thee? (or, another cliché title)
Author: brinylon
Pairing: RoyxEd
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None, AU

Beta'd by the awesome obsidianwing

(I keep editing after posting, mostly corrections and formatting stuff.)

"Let me sit with you for a moment," Ed said with a most typical scowl as he entered the office. His heart was hammering in his chest, he just needed to feel the presence of the man he loved. He didn't wait for an answer, crossed the floor, swung his leg over and landed in the General's uniformed lap. He snuggled his back against the man's chest, and laid his head on the blue-clad shoulder, taking possession. Roy's arms came around him on cue, lips nuzzling the blond's temple.

"What is the matter?" the General asked eventually, having taken in the sullen frown and the pout, which was adorable, really. "What has upset you? There was some disturbance earlier, did you have anything to do with that?"

Ed sighed and declined to answer. He put his hands on those of his lover, looking at them while his lips worked, searching for the right words. He felt desperate for reassurance yet it was impossible for him to come out with it just like that.

"Ed, you're starting to worry me, what is it?" Roy pressed.

Ed took a deep breath, swallowed and plunged in.
"You know, /you know/ I love you, right?" he burst out. "I really do. I hardly ever say it, who needs all this mushy crap, it's driving me bat-shit but you have to know."
He stopped and averted his head, looking fixedly to the wall, his breathing laboured.

"What in hell brought this on, Edward?" Roy freed a hand to stroke through the bangs. "Of course you love me, as I love you. I can't believe you'd still think there is any doubt between us."

"Not doubt," Ed got out. "I know, I /do/ know. It's just," he took a deep breath. "I know I'm difficult, distracted, bad tempered..."

"Ill mannered," Roy added with a smile.

"Shut up," Ed growled, turning his head again to look at Roy from his vantage point against the man's shoulder.

"This is hardly new," the General said, soft now. "You've always been all of those things."

"Why do you put up with it?"

Ed weighed a fucking /ton/ and Roy shifted a little. No matter how good it felt to hold him close, it killed his legs.

"You're so beautiful," he murmured in the golden hair. "You really have no idea just how attractive you are, do you?"

"Are you telling me you only want me for my body?" Ed huffed and squirmed but his lips twisted in a bit of a smile.

Roy laughed out loud.

"Can you tell me exactly why you love me? Of course not, it's the sum of you, including the things that make you difficult, which is stupid anyway. You're perfectly lovely."

"Keep lying," Ed said, snuggling.

"Will you tell me what brought this on?" Roy leant down to kiss Ed's neck.

Ed cleared his throat.
"You know, the stir earlier?"

About an hour ago Ed had been in one of the base's bathrooms, having done what must be done, and was innocently pulling up his pants, when two random officers entered. Ed didn't know them and wouldn't have paid attention to them but he couldn't help overhearing them.

"...And then Mustang cussed me out. Man, I was shaking in my boots, never knew the guy could be like that and him so pretty!"
He guffawed, his colleague snorted.
"Not only that but can you imagine sleeping with Fullmetal, of all crazy idiots? How does Mustang keep from getting his face bashed in? He must be crawling on his belly at home."

At this point Ed had smashed his right fist through the stall wall. After a lot of screaming (him), which had been absolutely necessary, and abject groveling (them), which had only been right, he had felt horrible. What if the idiots had a point? Did Roy in fact go out of his way to avoid confrontations? Ed had deftly eluded the MPs, who had come to check out the noise, and went directly to the one place that made it all better: Al's office. Of course Al's only, most urgent advice had been to go and talk to Roy and here he was.

"You know what?" Ed said, the fingers of his left hand sliding over Roy's arm as he narrated the tale. "Once I'm in the same room with you I know better. The contrary is true, you like to rile me up, you bastard. Deny it if you dare."

"Why should I," Roy sounded amused. "You wouldn't believe it anyway. But I don't do it on purpose, you know, you are just so touchy about certain subjects."

He nibbled on the blond's ear, outlining it with his tongue. His lover was gorgeous, every twitch, every gasp was delicious and he could never get enough.

"I am not," was the fully automatic response while Ed was thoroughly distracted by an index finger tracing his lips.

"Come on, get up," the General ordered, done with the teasing. "I want to kiss you properly."

Ed complied readily and leaned against the desk as Roy grimaced while he levered himself out of his seat.

"Old man," he taunted.

"I'd like to see how you would move after being crushed for an age by half a ton of automail," Roy growled and quickly crushed his lover's mouth before he could spout more nonsense. There was no objection at all, only a hungry parting of lips and an enthusiastic tongue meeting his own.

Once they got up for air Ed took a deep breath and turned them around so Roy was the one with his back to the desk. They stood with their bodies pressed together for a moment, panting in sync and Ed looked up, his eyes dark. This man, who was not afraid, who held him in the palm of his hand, was his and his alone.

"Do you have time?" he asked, taking a step backwards. He had to have the man, now, had to taste him and make him squirm and come.

The General looked at him with some confusion. Had they not been spending the best part of an hour alone together?

"Okay," Ed tried again, licking his lips, which caused his lover to moan and reach out for him. "Do you have a little more time?"

"I guess," Roy said somewhat breathless, impatient. What was Ed going on about, why wasn't he /closer/?

"Good," Ed knelt down, undid the General's pants and pulled them down in one swift movement. Seduction was all good but this was a time for action. No more messing about, no more games, just lust, honest, raw and real. He wanted to taste and smell and feel.

"Whoa," Roy got out just before that skilful mouth he had just explored got a hold of his dick. The inner debate whether he actually had time for this lasted about one second. He certainly had, he absolutely had, oh my god, it felt so good. He closed his eyes, his hands sought his lover's hair as he was swallowed whole.

"Ed," he managed to say, panting. "Ed."

The blond held Roy's balls in one hand while the other kneaded his thigh. He slurped and very nearly chewed on the cock in his mouth, causing its owner to buckle at the knees. Roy leaned heavily on the desk to keep upright, his senses whirling. Ed could give a very good blow-job at any time but this was a whole new league. It felt hot and tight and deep and, and, he came, shuddering. Ed wasn't done yet, he kept on sucking through the after spasms and when he finally let go he was completely out of breath and leaned forward, resting his head on Roy's stomach.

"Thank you," the General managed.

Ed smiled.
"You owe me," he felt incredibly satisfied, though his own cock was throbbing in his pants. That was fine, he could deal with that, it was the bitter taste in his mouth now that mattered, he had his fill of /Roy/.

"Tonight," Roy promised and bent down to give him a hasty kiss. "I'm sorry to leave you like this, love, but now my time really is gone."

"That's fine," he assured. "That's alright, tonight you will do me."

"I love you," Roy said and blew him a kiss on his way to the door.

"Yes," Ed said and believed, for once, his lover /knew/ he was loved in return.
Tags: edward elric, fma, roy mustang, roy/ed, royxed, yaoi
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