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Drabblette (well, a short piece anyway, but more than 100 words)

Absolutely no plot whatsoever.

Royxed. Of course. Mild stuff, no spoilers.

Like most days, Roy woke up before his alarm went off. He didn’t move so as not to disturb the boy in his arms. He always kept him carefully curled up to him. One reason for this was that he loved to feel the tight body against his. Another was that Ed’s default position was flat on his back with his right arm flung away from him. From this he often went into nightmares where he trashed around. Only a very few chance encounters with the freezing cold metal arm had been enough. Roy never mentioned it but he made sure he kept the boy wrapped in his arms, warm and quiet.

He loved these moments, inhaling the curious mixed scent of fresh body and machine oil. Ed asleep had a sweetness that was nowhere to be found when he was awake with every defense up and running. The alarm made one tiny beep before Roy switched it off. Now for the delicate part. He very gently unwound from the embrace. Ed made a growling noise and his eyelids fluttered.
“Shhh,” Roy whispered, soothingly. “It’s the middle of the night, no need to wake up at all...”
He kept still until the warm body relaxed again. Then he fluidly moved out of bed. Like clockwork, Ed turned on his back. He wasn’t entirely comfortable lying on either side. Roy looked down on his lover for a few moments. He felt fiercely protective of the little pest (And even in his own head he was careful about the “little”). It was difficult to take any care at all of a creature so stubborn and independent but Roy tried his hardest.

( ... )

“Are you still asleep?” several hours later Roy entered the room again with breakfast. Ed was still in bed.
“No,” he said immediately. He sat up, the gold hair spilling over his shoulders.
Roy put down the paper bags.
“Kiss me,” he said and preempted the reply by pressing his mouth against Ed’s, who responded favourably.
“There is hot tea,” Roy said eventually, reluctantly.
“I am starving,” said Ed, who was always starving.
“There are buns,” said Roy happily, reaching for the bags.
He settled on the bed, pulling Ed into his lap. He then noticed the pile of books.
“You were studying?”
“Yeah,” Ed devoured a bun. “I got up just after you left but I didn’t feel like dressing so I took my books to bed.”
“Did I wake you?” Roy felt a tinge of dismay, he had been so careful.
Ed shrugged.
“You were gone anyway so no point in staying put.”
Coming from Ed this was a declaration comparable to “I will love you passionately with all my heart and soul until the end of time and beyond” from a normal person. Roy kept his face carefully blank. Paying attention to any mark of affection resulted in an immediate shutdown of communication. Ed would go all gruff, which Roy hated intensely. Ed’s desperation to get on top of his feelings was heartwrenching. Roy would invariably play along and they’d be commanding officer versus disdainful rebellion for a while until Ed would recover from the shock of having betrayed any emotion other than anger.

Ed took a sip of tea and grimaced.
“There is milk in this,” he said accusingly.
“That’s because it’s mine, you dimwit,” said Roy. “I’m not trying to make you drink milk. I couldn’t care less.”
Ed handed him the cup.
“I know,” he said. “Just my automatic reaction to the vile stuff. Sorry.”
“After all the trouble I went through to get you a nice breakfast,” Roy teased.
“What time is it?” Ed inquired. He fished in Roy’s pocket for his watch.
“Ah. Just enough time to go down on you, if you want it?”
“You don’t really need an invitation for that, do you?” Roy asked, pleased. “I’m all yours, anytime.”
Ed flashed a horrible smirk.
“That may have been a really stupid thing to say,” he grinned. “You just wait.”
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