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I haven't had an original thought in my head for days now. ninja_faerie posted photos of their FMA collection in fm_alchemist. I HAD TO do the same at once. Yeah, sad, I'm a total sheep. But it was fun to get it all out and arrange it. It's a table full, which surprised me. And really, I wouldn't have most of this stuff if it wasn't for midnightbanshee, who is such an enabler :) (I LOVE her).

All arranged on the kitchen table.

Another angle. Manga up to volume 9, 3 novels. Completely random doujinishi.

Gashapon, a pen and a stamp (green ink and the flamel)

My Ed plushie, and a figurine on the left. One of those plastic boards on the right, stickers, a fan and a notebook in front of it.
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