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When did you first discover Fullmetal Alchemist?
I had been looking for a new anime and downloaded a couple of episodes to check it out. Typically, I'd had them for over a year before I finally looked at them. The rest is history.

Are you happy you discovered FMA?
Yes, though it has eaten my life.

Do you consider yourself a fan?
Most definitely.

Do you recommend the series to other people?
Yes, but I try not to gush.

Sub or dub?
Sub, absolutely. It does make a difference that English is not my first language, I suppose and there is no history of dubbing in The Netherlands, everything is subbed.

What do you think of the movie? The OVAs?
More is better, the movie made me really sad though. The Chibi OVA is hilarious.

What about the manga? Do you read it?
Yes. Esthetically I prefer the manga.

Which episode is the best?
Tied: 5, 13, 37.

Which episode is the worst?
35. Yawn.

Did you cry at any point in the series/movie/OVA/manga?
I may have snuffled here and there, yes.

The best opening/ending song?
Melissa. That's the least annoying one. These songs are not my favourites at the best of times.

Who’s your most favorite character?
Ed! Ed! Ed!

Who’s your least favorite character?
Anime Al actually. He can be such a doormat.

Which character do you think is the most misunderstood?
They're all pretty straightforward as far as I can see.

Which character is the most under-rated?

Which character has the worst past?
Scar has lived through some pretty heavy shit.

Is Ed actually short?
Yes, he's tiny.

So…do the Homunculi have souls or not?
I don't know about souls but homunculi are people too. Evil people, but nevertheless.

Do you like Dante?
What's not to like? Evil manipulator woman!

Do you hate Winry?
No, I feel sorry for her because she obviously cares more for Ed than vice versa.

What about Rose?
She is so wet ;p

Would you go on a date with Havoc?
No. See overrated.

Do you consider Scar a hero or a villain?
He has his good sides but the whole serial killing thing is not okay.

What was your first impression of Armstrong?

Who’s more disturbed: Envy or Kimbley?
Kimbley becuse you get nothing about his background.

Did you like Hughes better after he died?
No, I liked him from the get go.

What about Greed?
He is at his best as the evil pimp guy :)

Did you like Pride better before you found out he was a Homunculus?
I never liked Pride because of the whole continually going to war thing.

If you were Roy, would you have killed Winry’s parents under orders?
Most likely. This is why I never considered a career in the military.

Was Hohenheim justified in leaving Envy after he created him, or was Dante the better parent?
I don't think of Dante as much of a parent for Envy. Hohenheim has fucked up with all his kids.

Why does Al wear a loincloth?
Drafts. They can be hellish.

Why does Envy wear a loincloth?
It's a SKORT, dammit.

Did you think Envy was a girl the first time you saw him?
Since when is Envy a guy? This is never esthablished in the manga and I like it that way.

Who’s the best side character? (Present in two episodes or less!)
Psiren because she proved Ed is gay :)

Who’s the most annoying side character?
Those villagers in Youswell, what a sad bunch.

Which characters, if any, do you think are overrated?
Havoc, I don't get why he is the one out of Roy's minions who is so prevalent in fandom.

Who’s a better Greed: the original, or Ling?
The original.

Do you forgive Tucker for what he did to Nina?
No, he fucked up out of greed.

Do you forgive Scar?

Who’s prettier: Lust or Riza?
Lust because I like brunettes.

Is Gluttony ugly?
He is weird, ugly doesn't apply to him.

What’s Dante’s sexual preference?

Which character is the best looking?

Which character is the worst looking?
Tucker does not rock my boat, dude. And I'm talking pre-chimera here.

If you could see one character naked, who would you choose?

What’s your favorite pairing(s)?
RoyxEd forever!!!11!ELEVENTY1!

What’s your least favorite pairing(s)?
HavocxEd doesn't do ANYTHING for me. Yet.

What pairing makes the least amount of sense?
A good author can make a case for any pairing.

Which is better: FMA yaoi, or FMA yuri?
I haven't read yuri that turned me on as much as the yaoi has but that's a personal preference as well.

Do you read/write FMA fanfiction?
The opposite of Ambre, read a lot, write a little.

Do you look at/draw FMA fanart?
Look at, yes. My drawing sucks ass.

What do you think of FMA Mary Sues?
They are funny.

I'm not cheering here.

At some point you have to expand the canon universe or things get stale. But it can be horrible (highschool AUs, eek).

Office sex?
Those couches aren't there for nothing.

Do you think people write Envy OOC most of the time?
Most likely since OOC-ness is a problem in the vast bulk of fic.

Which is more canon (in the anime): Elricest or EdWin?
Both are possible.

Which is more canon (in the anime): Royai or RoyxHughes?
In the anime Royai (up to the movie, anyway).

Would Dante ever open up to anyone?
I think she has decided that is a bad idea.

Is Envy gay, or would he go with a woman as well?
Since when is Envy a guy?

Does Ed really have a crush on Roy?
It's textbook romance stuff.

Does Roy return the feelings?

What is the most plausible (non-canon) het pairing?

The most plausible yaoi pairing?
If I'm painfully honest, HeidxEd. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

The most plausible yuri pairing?

Can Envy make m-preg work?
No, no, no. Let's not do it.

Is HughesxGracia cute?
No, it's oversweet.

Who’s your favorite fanfiction author?
Where do I begin? sky_dark sucked me helplessly into the fandom. velvet_mace has written stuff that had me laying awake at night. I check daily for updates from rainjoyous.

mikkeneko, anax, cryogenia, ciceqi, devils_devotion, jadedsilk, ashacrone, I read and reread them frequently.

I know I left some out too. (loreamara, zalia, sand3)

These are my all time favourite ficlets.

Do you read doujinshi? If so, recommend a good one!
I am very fond of the Mame series (Daen).

Which is better: non-con or romance?
Depends on my mood. I like both. Or a combination.

Who is the best character to use in pairings?
Ed, he has such range. Uke or seme, he does both equally well :)

And the worst?
Hughes because he is esthablished with Gracia. Anything else feels OOC.

Do you get mad at people who don’t like the same pairings you do?
I hates their gut, precioussssss ;p
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