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I had a very productive day today, not. Well, not in the sense that I did anything useful but I did watch and read some good stuff.

I made and lost a million meat twice in KOL, my favourite online comedy rpg. Meat is the local currency, you see. It seems I'm a gambling addict in this specific instance since I spend the day on the Money Making Game.

At the same time I've been reading the Zoofic RP entries over at esoteric_wild. So cute!

Between these there was Ouran High School Host Club (spoilers!). I started watching this yesterday and finished today at episode 23. I haven't laughed this hard in weeks! The series plays with all yaoi fangirl clichés and has a great animation style, mixing stereotypes with really amusing special effects.

And I've been rereading rainjoyous' Closer. Not entirely, I made it to chapter 11 when a new chapter was posted. I'm going to read that one one more time today. LOVE.THIS.
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