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Al/Breda Ficlette

My entry for fma_fuh_q.

Title: Sense and sensation (yes, I suck at titles)
Author: brinylon
Genre: Fluff
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Elric/Breda or Al/Heymans
Spoilers: None, AU

Many thanks to obsidianwing for beta-ing!

This takes place in the Settling universe. AU, after series. Al is flesh and a Colonel in the army. Heymans is currently a First Lieutenant.

(I keep editing after posting, mostly corrections and formatting stuff.)

Alphonse let himself into his apartment, shut the door and shuffled to the living-room, where he collapsed face down on the couch. He felt thoroughly miserable, tired and empty. The conversation he had had with his childhood friend and now ex-girlfriend, mere hours ago, replayed in his mind for the 100th time. His apologies, her coldness. It had been obvious she had seen it coming but that didn't mean she had to like being ditched. His stomach knotted. He had never considered himself to be the kind of man who would string someone along, yet here he was: Alphonse Elric, official jerk.

Hindsight, with it's perfect vision, showed him that fear of the unknown had been as much a part of his delusional idea to stick with Winry as unwillingness to leave her to herself once it was clear his brother had no intention whatsoever to woo her had been. Having glands and hormones and emotions was great but it was very hard to interpret them correctly. Even harder was to control them, to not let them take over and run away with him and that was happening more and more often these days. His body /wanted/ things and seemed determined to pursue them with or without his mind's input. He was 19 and as far as his body was concerned it was about time something happened or it would burst, taking no prisoners.

He really wanted to talk to someone. Ed was his automatic first choice but it was weekend, the first his brother was home in weeks and he was probably enjoying his time alone with the General. He sat up, brushing his hair out of his face. Thinking of his brother and the General doing... things made his cheeks feel hot. He shuffled his feet a bit, thoughtful. Of course, he was now free to find out if certain tentative confidences meant anything solid or had been nothing more than banter to pass the time. Now was the perfect moment to be courageous and act. Only, how to do it? He cast about for ideas. The answer arrived immediately, so obvious and simple he groaned out loud.

He got up, took off his coat, put it away and went for the phone.

It took a while before the duty officer who had picked up the phone in the dorms had tracked down the person for whom the call was intended and Al waited, his gut clenching and his fingers clammy and cold. He savoured every nuance of feeling, still, after four years of having an actual body to feel things with. Every sense was a miracle, the way his socked feet felt on the wood of the floor, the way the receiver felt against his ear. The way his stomach contracted, alternating between a heavy feeling of guilt and the fluttering of nervous anticipation. As long as he had the leisure to contemplate these sensations he revelled in them.

"Yeah?" the deep voice sounded suddenly. "Breda here."

He mewled and stammered like a kid.
"Um, er, hi!" he heard his voice squeal and cringed in embarrassment. "It's Al. Elric."
He ground his teeth. He could do this. He would do this or die in the effort.
"Would you erm," he coughed. "Would you like to come over for dinner?"
It was a good plan. He liked to cook, he knew how to cook quite well, and Heymans liked to eat. It ought to work.

The silence on the other end of the line was thoughtful.
"No plans with your girl?" came the pertinent question.

Al felt his gut do the heavy guilt twist. He had however grown up alongside (and quite a bit over) Edward 'Blunt Instrument' Elric and knew how to deal with directness.
"I'm afraid that's over," he tried very hard to keep relief out of his voice but didn't succeed too well.

More silence. Al squirmed a bit, his resolve crumbling, his mind a complete blank. Contingency plan, contingency plan... No, there was nothing. He had even stopped breathing.

"What were you planning to make?" came the question over the line.

He gulped air.
"I wanted to make a stew," he got out. "I have this recipe, it belonged to my mother and..."

"You like Xingian?" cut through his babbling.

"Sure," Al had no idea where this was going. He was sweating. The situation was running away with him, he had no control, helpless in the flow of things. A toy of fate, bobbing on the currents of chaos... even his mind was rambling.

"Okay," the soldier said. "I'll be over in about an hour. I'll cook you some real Xingian stuff. See you then!"

"Bye?" Al managed before the line went dead. He looked at the horn as if it was an alien thing. Heymans was coming over to cook food for him? How did that fit into his grand plan? He had to admit, the plan was shaky at best. This adjustment might not be so bad.

Heymans knocked on the door precisely one hour later. Military man. Punctual. He was dressed in black slacks and a white shirt, with a black leather trench. He had actually shaved and his goatee looked trimmed. Al was impressed. He himself was freshly showered and groomed to within an inch of his life. When in doubt clean up. As he took in the man in front of him he lost it again and just stood there with his eyes wide.

"Well?" Heymans raised an eyebrow. "Are you gonna let me in?"

Al felt himself flush. What was it with this man that instantly killed his common sense?
"Of course," he said, breathless. "I'm glad you could make it on such short notice."
Far too stiff and formal but what could he say really? I'm all available now, let's fuck because I'm dying to find out what it's like to be in bed with you? That sounded too needy, not to say whorish.

Heymans looked at him curiously and moved past to dump the two large grocery bags he was carrying on the kitchen counter. Al didn't entertain much. He worked most of the time and spent what leisure time he had either doing things to entertain Winry or hanging out with his brother. He stood around grasping and generally being appalled at his own lack of grace and poise. It was just, all his senses were in hyperactive overdrive, screaming at him and the rationale he prided himself on was nowhere to be found. Every suggestion his unruly mind came up with was insane, from ripping the man's shirt of to dropping to the floor and wriggling. It was all very impractical and frankly, useless.

The Lieutenant took off his trench and threw it over the back of the couch, rolled up his shirt sleeves. He then turned to face Al.

"I'm terribly nervous," Al heard himself blurt out and cringed inwardly.

"I can tell," the Lieutenant said with a grin. "Listen, we will have a nice dinner, perhaps a few drinks, okay? Nothing has to happen. You're damn attractive, don't get me wrong, but I'm in no hurry. Not going anywhere. So, offer me a drink?"

"Beer?" Al felt somewhat better, though still far from his usual self. 'A-and, uh, I think you are attractive too."
Painful. Painful!

"You'd better have one yourself or you might sprain something," the burly man went to the icebox and found the beer.

Al was grateful for his forwardness. Though he should have expected that, Heymans was nothing if not forward. He liked that, often being too polite for his own good himself. The man opened up two bottles with his lighter and handed one to Al, took a swig of his own. Al debated for a moment if he should offer a glass. No, he didn't want to appear too fussy. He took a sip from his bottle as well and immediately choked on it.

"You may want to use a glass," Heymans shook his head and started to unpack the bags.

"Good idea," Al coughed and went to the cabinet. As he looked at the masses of food coming out of the bags he finally found some of his equilibrium and even a subject for conversation.
"Do you like to cook?" he asked.

"Yeah," the man said. "Don't have much opportunity though, what with living in the dorms and all."
He appreciatively looked around Al's small kitchen.
"You are well stocked," he said, and then, realising /what/ he said, leered.

Al went purple and his carefully gathered sense scattered again.

Gods, he was lovely! It was all he could do to keep a cool head and try not to make the young man feel more nervous than he already was. He had long ago learned to bide his time until the circumstances were right, he knew how to handle himself. When Al had called he had been thrilled but he was not the type of guy who would let on to something like that. Showing vulnerability was dangerous for someone in his profession and he had become quite good at hiding his feelings. He had felt connected to the young man when he was a child and an empty suit of armour. He had been attracted to the teenager returned to his body and he loved the young man he was now. There had been doubts, when Al started to sear through the ranks, when he suddenly had a /girlfriend/ but at the same time there had been those occasional conversations and soft looks a fool might interpret as longing and, goddammit, he just couldn't get the kid out of his mind. He had kept his distance, not going to make the first move on someone several years his junior, outranking him and, let's be honest, way out of his league. Al was beyond attractive, he was beautiful, tall, sleek, brilliant and sweet to boot. What was not to like?

And here he was, in the young man's very apartment. So far the best course seemed to be blunt, Al was so jittery, it was downright frightening. It made him feel protective and determined to see where this would go. It would be up to him to make sure Al would not cross his boundaries; the boy was clearly somewhat impaired. He might find out today if the young man was really, really interested. That would be enough for now. His train of thought was suddenly interrupted when Al put his hands on his shoulders and pressed his lips to his.

Al was shocked at his own behaviour but couldn't stop himself. He was feeling too much, there was no way he could make it through the day feeling like this, pretending everything was just normal when it wasn't. He thought he knew how to kiss, he had done it before with tongues and all but his was completely different. He felt it through his whole body, just his lips pressed to Heymans' and he was on fire. The older man put one hand on the back of his neck, the other on his lower back. The touch felt hot on his skin, through the fabric of his shirt. Heymans gently pried Al's lips apart with his tongue and he opened his mouth, allowing the intrusion with a soft mewl and his eyes closed all by themselves. He leaned into the solid figure, sliding his hands from the broad shoulders to the like chest and towards his back where he found a handhold in the shirt and clung. His fingers tingled from the contact, his head swam. The rational mind had finally, irrevocably given up and he didn't care. This was much better than thinking. As their tongues met and tasted each other the hand on his lower back moved to his ass and kneaded. He truly felt more alive than ever before. This was what having a body was all about. He let his hands roam, liquid fire running up his arms. Heymans' mouth moved towards his neck, tongue playing with a particularly sensitive spot just under his ear and he moved into that touch, couldn't bear to miss even the slightest nuance of it.

Fucking hell! His object of affection, so unsure not five minutes ago was coming on and coming on strong. So much for his noble plans, he was helpless as the supple body plied against his, as he heard the soft gasps and moans, it was too good, too enticing. Al was a horrible kisser and the kid was really hurting his back with his sharp nails but none of that mattered in the least. He gently encouraged Al tot tilt his head backwards so he could lap at his throat and Al arched against him with a movement that made him rock hard in one fell swoop. Damn, it wasn't as if he was some kind of virgin, this was really something else! As he stroked the young man's shoulder he felt the hard muscle. It was easy to underestimate him, Al was so gentle and friendly but he had seen him spar with his brother and that had been an impressive spectacle. The slender blond moaned again and rubbed against him. He was pretty hard as well. Good, they were both getting something out of this.

Al moved his hands again, this time to undo the buttons on Heymans' shirt.

"Are you sure you want this?" he had to ask, had to give the kid a chance to change his mind, it didn't seem right otherwise.

Al looked at him with a combination of confusion and frantic desire.
"Touch me," he hissed and took his own advice by mouthing the chest he had just bared.

"It is my pleasure," Heymans said with a chuckle. He manoeuvred them towards the couch, using his hands cleverly, while taking the opportunity to undo some buttons himself so he could gain access to a pair of very alluring nipples. Al leaned back against the seating and writhed as the hands and mouth moved over his chest, reaching out to touch and stroke himself but far to incoherent to do anything substantial.

"Let me," he got out. "Let me, show me what you like."

"Shh," the other man said, kissing his lips again. "This is fine, you're doing great."

Al, flushed, green eyes shuttered, glowing with a sheen of sweat on his skin, so beautiful, if he didn't do a single thing it would still be enough. It was sheer pleasure to be with him, to coax reactions out of him, to look and to feel, to hear the soft gasps as he he moved his hands lower and started to undo trouser buttons. He moved his mouth downwards as well, stopping to to pay attention at the hard nipples, encircling one and then the other with his tongue. This caused that mewling sound to come from Al, so very like him, and he thrust his hips in marked desperation.

Al breathed deeply. He felt helpless against the sensations overflowing his senses, the overwhelming pleasure. He had never experienced anything like it. He had truly believed he knew what arousal was like, what it was like to feel hands on his cock but he did not, his own hands had never felt like this. The strong touch on him, the tongue that ran down his shaft, it made him pant and he had to fight the impulse to slam his hips into Heymans' face. He was sure the man wouldn't appreciate it. The lieutenant sucked the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and he groaned, arching his neck. As the mouth on his dick went down his brain liquefied and he saw stars. It didn't take long for him to come spectacularly, it would be embarrassing if it didn't feel so good. Heymans sat up and smiled, gently stroking his thighs. Al smiled back, sleepy.

"That was great," he said, his voice rough. He felt wiped.

"Yup," Heymans agreed, smug.

"I have not done anything for you yet," Al said and yawned.

"Don't worry," the older man assured him. "I'm fine. You take a nap okay?"

"I'll do it later," Al promised vaguely and his eyes closed more or less involuntary.

Heymans waited a moment, until the kid was softly snoring. He stretched and went looking for a towel or something. He would take care of himself and then fix a meal. This day was turning out to be pretty great and it wasn't over yet.

Tags: al/heymans, alphonse elric, fma, heymans breda, yaoi
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