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Oh, man. Step 3* in any given new obsession is to contact feriowind and have her make a commission for me. No idea how she does it, but she captures the perfect feeling based on 3 or 4 keywords.

One of the first fics that cemented the Loki thing from casual browsing to full-blown, wild-eyed, every-free-moment-of-every-day obsession was Drag the past out into the light by coneycat_fic. ALL THE FUCKING FEELS!!11!eleventy! So I asked for art based on that fic.

I so love the incredible talent that is happily fangirling around the internet. SO. MUCH. <3<3<3

(* Steps 1 and 2 involve flailing, and bewildering RL people by bringing up the object of my obsession at every importune moment. Frex:
Unsuspecting friend: Nice weather we're having.
Me: Loki likes weather! Have I shown you the 400 500+ picture gallery on my iPad since last week?
My friends are wonderful, patient people.)
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