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Since my absorption by/in the FMA fandom I have not watched any tv. Going on 3 months now, thank you.

I never watched much tv anyway and I don't feel I'm missing anything. The only thing is that one more subject for conversation with my coworkers has been erased. At the moment I don't care about that. I'm very close to my vacation and hate the whole company, including every single one of my coworkers (which is why I write this here, and not in my blog ;p), even though many of them are really okay people and some of them I even meet outside of the workspace. I'm just tired. I don't want to have inane conversations about subjects I don't really care about. I'm sick of the people who inquire after what I might like only to respond with the standard "you're so weird".

I am not weird. I wouldn't mind being weird but I'm pretty boring and average. Honestly, my dear coworkers, if the lot of you would look at anything beyond your all-absorbing offspring once in a while you might discover that some of the stuff I do/like is actually pretty mainstream. The question: is that what's cool nowadays? makes me puke. I am the same age you are. I don't pursue teh cool, haven't since high school. I just like what I like and keep an eye open for new things. C'est tout.

And I sure as hell don't think I'm a better person than anyone else because I don't watch tv. I spend my time reading smutty fanfic and desperately wrestling with my own writing. I just don't care about Desperate Housewives and right now I don't have the energy to pretend I do give a fuck.
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