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Oh frabulous day, kahlo kalay

Finally! Unpacking photoshoot are go:

Ed: Dude, do I look like the postman to you?

Bri: Oh? One of those is for you!
Ed: ????

Ed: This is what I call a package.

Ed *unpacks*

Ed: This had better be good.

Ed: If this is some kind of joke I'll kill you in your sleep.
Bri: oo;;;

Ed: No. This can't be true.... Can it?

Ed: I am, as always, topping.

Ed: I so glad to see you, you've no idea how bored I've been!
Roy: Yes, I'm happy to see you too but please stop humping my leg.

And the obilgatory extras:

Roy and Ed: *snogggg*

Roy: This chick feels... amazing!

Bri: This was what I dreamt of ever since Roy was announced ;-;

Copyright for cracktheatre: sky_dark
Extremely bad pictures because of excitement: brinylon
A house full of package material: Ed.
Tags: dolls, edward elric, roy mustang, royxed
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